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Meet Cheryl

Cheryl started her career as an Accountant, but her desire to make a more meaningful difference led her to the world of law. While her background in accounting provided her with an invaluable skillset, it is her passion for helping people that truly sets her apart. With 25 years of accounting experience, Cheryl has a unique advantage in navigating complex company and trust structures within the relationship property pool. She believes that the key to achieving a better client outcome lies in the story that numbers tell, allowing her to cleverly uncover inequities and right financial wrongs. 

Combining her business acumen with her love for the law, Cheryl is known for going above and beyond to achieve great results for her clients. At Alchemy Law, we believe in better and Cheryl’s creative approach to any legal difficulties a client encounters is a testament to that belief.

Cheryl represents clients in a wide range of disputes with a specific focus on family law, particularly relationship property disputes as well as prenuptial and separation agreements.​​

Additionally, Cheryl works on:

  • Will disputes such as challenges to wills and claims made against estates
  • Residential conveyancing​​
  • Legal aid services

Cheryl enjoys working with clients to ascertain the best strategy to deal with their legal issues. She looks for practical solutions, focusing on resolving disputes before they escalate. She makes regular appearances in the Family Court, has made a number of appearances in the High Court, and more recently in the Court of Appeal.​​

Cheryl values family immensely and is proud Nana to seven grandies. Together with husband Tony, when she is not busy working, Cheryl will be found enjoying Rotorua life, spending time with family, or walking her fox terrier ‘Comet’ in the Redwoods.​​